CC Searching

Where do I find works under a Creative Commons License?
Go to:

1. Enter your search keywords at the top right and select a website to search. (If these sites are blocked in your district, you will need to search from home or another location.)

2. The results will be material licensed under Creative Commons. * If you select other search options in your result list, you may get material that is not licensed under CC. Always verify that the content you select is available under a CC license.
Make sure you read the specific license agreement.

Search Using Firefox

1. In Firefox, there is a Creative Commons Search Tool.
2. Click on the small black arrow in the Search Bar.
3. Select Creative Commons!

Use Advance Search option in Search Engines such as Google or Yahoo

Browse the Content Directories on Creative Commons

Go to:

Here's a few with content suitable for K-12 classrooms.

Many Books

Open Educational Resources